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Christmas Club Accounts

Now you can enjoy hassle-free holiday shopping with the Christmas cash that you saved all year by opening a Christmas Club account with Ohio Valley Community Federal Credit Union. Your deposits can be made in person, by mail, or through payroll deduction.

Your Christmas Club Cash adds up fast! If you deposit $25, biweekly for 20 weeks you'll have $500 plus any dividends that your account earns. Your account begins to earn dividends based on your average daily balance and is paid monthly.

Your Christmas Club Cash is available for withdrawal the first of October.



24 Hour CurCU Phone Support

8am to 5pm (M-F): 800-688-2408

5pm to 8am: 855-603-4249

Missing/Stolen Card?

Debit Card: 888-297-3416

Credit Card: 888-918-7313

Card Activation/Pin Change

Debit: 800-290-7893

Credit: 888-886-0083

Bill Pay Support